Drain the Jade Valley™ Formulae

drain_the_jade_valleyThe “Jade Valley” is an old euphemistic term for “vagina” in ancient Daoist sex catalogs. This formula drains Dampness from the vagina.


Yi Yi Ren Semen Coicis
Bi Xie Rhizoma Dioscoreae hypoglaucae
Fu Ling Sclerotium Poriae albae
Ku Shen Radix Sophorae flavescentis
Huang Bai Cortex Phellodendri
She Chuang Zi Fructus Cnidii
Cang Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis lanceae
Mu Dan Pi Cortex Moutan
Che Qian Zi Semen Plantaginis
Huang Qi Radix Astragali
Bai Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae
Shan Yao Rhizoma Dioscoreae oppositae
Tu Si Zi Semen Cuscutae
Bai Zhi Radix Angelicae dahuricae
Shi Chang Pu Rhizoma Acori tatarinowii
Chuan Niu Xi Radix Cyathulae
Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae

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Dampness in the Lower Burner, Qi deficiency.


Drain Dampness, clear Heat, tonify Qi.

Tongue: Pale, red or normal, sticky coating on the root. The coating may also be sticky but rootless and peeled in small patches.
Pulse: Slippery, weak.

Caution and Contraindications:

Contraindicated in pregnancy.

Classical Antecedent

Bi Xie Shen Shi Tang, Bi Xie Fen Qing Tang and Si Miao San

Differences from Classical Antecedent

Stronger draining Dampness action.

This formula addresses Dampness in the Lower Burner. This formula addresses both Dampness and for Damp-Heat occurring against a background of Spleen-Qi deficiency. The tongue coating is sticky because of the Dampness but rootless or peeled in patches because of the Stomach-Qi or Stomach-Yin deficiency.

  • Bi Xie drains Dampness and promotes the separation of turbid from clear fluids
  • Yi Yi Ren and Fu Ling drain Dampness from the Lower Burner
  • Mu Dan Pi clears Heat in the Liver channel
  • She Chuang Zi resolves Dampness and removes obstructions from the Bladder Connecting channels
  • Ku Shen drains Dampness
  • She Chuang Zi warms the Lower Burner: this is necessary to facilitate the separation of turbid from clear fluids
  • Shi Chang Pu opens the Orifices, which facilitates the drainage of Dampness
  • Bai Zhu, Huang Qi and Shan Yao tonify Stomach-Qi and Stomach-Yin
  • Gan Cao harmonizes
  • Che Qian Zi and Huang Bai drain Damp Heat
  • Cang Zhu dries Dampness
  • Chuan Niu Xi directs the formula to the Lower Burner
  • Tu Si Zi was added to tonify Kidney-Yang and help the transformation of fluids in the Lower Burner

This product is a dietary (food) supplement, to be taken as directed by a qualified practitioner. It is not intended to treat, cure, diagnose or prevent any disease. Not to replace a varied diet. Not to be taken if nursing or if pregnant. Not to be consumed continuously for longer than 3 months.