The Su Wen Herbs product catalog, which consists of 202 pages of detailed information on the formulation of traditional and modern herbs by Giovanni Maciocia has recently been updated. The catalog which can be downloaded here includes the clinical application of each formulae complete with tongue diagnosis and colored pictures.

Although each formula is intended for quite specific clinical situations (e.g. Tonify Qi and Ease the Muscles for chronic fatigue syndrome with Dampness in the muscles and Qi deficiency), its use need not be limited to those situations. In fact, each formula can be used for a very wide variety of conditions provided that they match the patterns envisaged for it.

Moreover, a mental-emotional pattern is provided for each formula. Provided the diagnosis of the prevailing pattern or patterns is correct, the treatment of specific clinical conditions is not contrary to the treatment of the whole person. For example, the formula Welcome Fragrance, which is designed for chronic sinusitis, can also be used to open the mind’s orifices, helping the patient to discriminate between issues and to attain clarity of thought.

To facilitate the diagnosis and the correct choice of formula, at least one tongue picture for most formulae is included in the Three Treasures Manual. It should be stressed that these photographs show only the most typical tongue conditions corresponding to the relevant formula, but they are by no means the only ones. In other words, if a patient’s tongue does not look exactly like the photograph in this book, it does not necessarily mean that that particular formula is not applicable to that patient.