Smooth Passage™ Formulae

“Passage” here refers to the normal movement of food through the digestive system. The formula addresses the three main patterns deficiency of Spleen-Qi; stagnation of Liver-Qi; and Dampness.


Bai Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae
Fu Ling Sclerotium Poriae albae
Xiang Fu Rhizoma Cyperi
Bai Shao Radix Paeoniae albae
Ku Shen Radix Sophorae flavescentis
Huang Bai Cortex Phellodendri
Mu Xiang Radix Aucklandiae
Zhi Ke Fructus Aurantii
Lian Zi Semen Nelumbinis
Bai Tou Weng Radix Polycarpa corymbose
Shen Qu Massa Medicata Fermentata

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*Product contains gluten and wheat. Shen Qu (Fermented flour)


Spleen and Liver not harmonized, Spleen-Qi deficiency, Liver-Qi stagnation, Dampness in Intestine.


Tonify Spleen-Qi, move Qi, pacify the Liver, harmonize Liver and Spleen, resolve Dampness from the Intestines, move the stools.

Tongue: Pale or normal coloured, teethmarks, thin-sticky coating. If stagnation of Liver-Qi predominates, the sides could be slightly red.
Pulse: If deficiency of Spleen-Qi predominates, it will be weak; if stagnation of Liver-Qi predominates, it will be wiry. It may also be weak on the right and wiry on the left.

Acupuncture Points

Ren-12 Zhongwan, Ren-10 Xiawan, ST-36 Zusanli, SP-6 Sanyinjiao, ST-37 Shangjuxu, ST-39 Xiajuxu, ST-25 Tianshu, SP-15 Daheng, with reinforcing method.
T.B.-6 Zhigou, P-6 Neiguan, G.B.-34 Yanglingquan, LIV-3 Taichong, with reducing method.
SP-4 Gongsun and P-6 Neiguan, in combination, with even method.

Smooth Passage™ is a formula aimed at addressing disharmony of Spleen and Liver. Its main therapeutic aim is to tonify and move Qi and resolve Dampness in the Intestines. It therefore addresses the three main patterns deficiency of Spleen-Qi; stagnation of Liver-Qi; and Dampness.

  • Bai Zhu promotes the movement and transportation of Spleen-Qi
  • Fu Ling and Huang Bai resolve Dampness from the Lower Burner
  • Chuan Mu Xiang, Xiang Fu and Zhi Ke move Qi
  • Ku Shen and Bai Tou Weng resolve Toxic Heat in the Intestines
  • Shen Qu is a digestive herb

This product is a dietary (food) supplement, as prescribed by a qualified practitioner. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. Do not take if nursing or pregnant. Not intended to replace a varied diet. Not to be consumed for longer 3 months on a continued basis.