Expel Wind-Heat™ Formulae

expel_wind_heatThe name of this formula is self-explanatory: it eliminates Wind-Heat.


Jin Yin Hua Flos Lonicerae
Lian Qiao Fructus Forsythiae
Jing Jie Herba Schizonepetae
Fang Feng Radix Saposhnikoviae
Da Qing Ye Folium Isatidis
Bo He Herba Menthae haplocalycis
Dan Dou Chi Semen Sojae preparatum
Dan Zhu Ye Herba Lophateri
Jie Geng Radix Platycodi
Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae
Niu Bang Zi Fructus Arctii
Ju Hua Flos Chrysanthemi
Xing Ren Semen Armeniacae
Huang Qin Radix Scutellariae

*Product contains soy, Dan Dou Chi (Prepared soybean) and tree nuts, Xing Ren (Almond)

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Invasion of Wind-Heat at the Defensive-Qi level.


Release the Exterior, expel Wind-Heat.

Tongue: Red on the sides or front part.
Pulse: Floating-rapid.

Classical Antecedent

Yin Qiao San

Differences from Classical Antecedent

Stronger action in invasion of Wind-Heat.

Acupuncture Points

L.I.-4 Hegu, L.I.-11 Quchi, LU-7 Lieque, T.B.-5 Waiguan, Du-14 Dazhui, with reducing method. No moxa.
BL-12 Fengmen with cupping.

Expel Wind-Heat™ is a variation of the classical prescription Yin Qiao San (Lonicera- Forsythia Powder). This variation expels Wind-Heat and releases the Exterior. The formula is used only for the exterior stage of an invasion of Wind-Heat.

If the invasion progresses to the Qi Level, then the formula Ringing Metal™ or Clear Metal™ is applicable. The formula is obviously only for acute invasions of Wind-Heat at the initial stage when the Wind-Heat is on the Exterior. It is therefore contraindicated for any condition that is not exterior and not caused by Wind-Heat.

When to take
Take after meals.

This product is a dietary (food) supplement, as prescribed by a qualified practitioner. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. Do not take if nursing or pregnant. Not intended to replace a varied diet. Not to be consumed for longer 3 months on a continued basis.