Children’s Herbal Sentinel Formulae

childrens_herbal_sentinel“Sentinel” is a guard watching over a fort or something similar. “Sentinel” is used here as a symbol of the body’s Wei system that guards the body like a sentinel guards a fort. This formula repels invasions of external Wind.


Tai Zi Shen Radix Pseudostellariae
Huang Qi Radix Astragali
Fu Ling Sclerotium Poriae albae
Shan Zha Fructus Crataegi
Bai Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae
Fang Feng Radix Saposhnikoviae
Shen Qu Massa Medicata fermentata
Gui Zhi Ramulus Cinnamomi
Bai Shao Radix Paeoniae albae
Gu Ya Fructus Setariae germinatus
Sheng Jiang Rhizoma Zingiberis recens
Da Zao Fructus Ziziphi jujubae rubrae
Zhi Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae preparata
Lai Fu Zi Semen Raphani
Chen Pi Pericarpium Citri reticulatae

*Product contains gluten and wheat. Shen Qu (Fermented flour)

Order Formulae


Deficiency of Qi, Dampness, food accumulation.


Tonify Qi, consolidate the Exterior and resolve Dampness.

Classical Antecedent

Gui Zhi Tang

Differences from Classical Antecedent

Tonify Qi, promote digestion, resolve Dampness.

Acupuncture Points

Ren-12 Zhongwan, Ren-10 Xiawan, ST-25 Tianshu, ST-36 Zusanli, ST-40 Fenglong, L.I.-4 Hegu, KI-7 Fuliu, LU-9 Taiyuan, BL-13 Feishu, Du-12 Shenzhu. All with reinforcing method.

This formula combines the two classical formulae Gui Zhi Tang (Ramulus Cinnamomi Decoction) and Yu Ping Feng San (Jade Windscreen Powder).

  • Gui Zhi Tang harmonizes Ying and Wei and regulates the Cou Li space where Wei Qi circulates
  • In combination with the second formula Yu Ping Feng San, which tonifies Qi, this “firms” the Cou Li space preventing invasions of Wind
  • Several digestive herbs (Shen Qu, Lai Fu Zi, Shan Zha, Gu Ya) were added as most children have a weak Spleen, the younger they are, the weaker

This product is a dietary (food) supplement, as prescribed by a qualified practitioner. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. Do not take if nursing or pregnant. Not intended to replace a varied diet. Not to be consumed for longer 3 months on a continued basis.