Calm the Shen™ Formulae

calm_the_shenCalm the Shen Liquid The name of this formula is self-evident. It is a variation of Gui Pi Tang (Tonifying the Spleen Decoction) which calms the Shen.


Dang Gui Radix Angelicae sinensis
Huang Qi Radix Astragali
Fu Shen Sclerotium Poriae pararadicis
Long Yan Rou Arillus Longan
Yuan Zhi Radix Polygalae
Bai Zi Ren Semen Biotae
He Huan Pi Cortex Albiziae
Ren Shen Radix Ginseng
Bai Zhu Rhizoma Atractylodis macrocephalae
Da Zao Fructus Ziziphi jujubae rubrae
Suan Zao Ren Semen Ziziphi spinosae
Bai He Bulbus Lilii
Shi Chang Pu Rhizoma Acori tatarinowii
Mu Xiang Radix Aucklandiae
Zhi Gan Cao Radix Glycyrrhizae preparata

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Spleen-Qi and Spleen-Blood deficiency, Heart-Qi and Heart-Blood deficiency.


Tonify Spleen-Qi and Spleen-Blood, tonify Heart-Qi and Heart-Blood, calm the Mind, open the Mind’s orifices, stimulate the Spleen’s holding of Blood.

Tongue: Pale, thin or swollen, depending on whether Blood or Qi deficiency predominates.
Pulse: Weak, Choppy.

Classical Antecedent

Gui Pi Tang

Differences from Classical Antecedent

More pronounced calming the Mind action, opens the Mind’s orifices.

This is a very important formula to tonify Spleen and Heart. The formula tonifies both Qi and Blood of the Spleen and Heart and its clinical manifestations reflect both Qi and Blood deficiency. In long-standing cases of Blood deficiency, there may also be some Empty-Heat arising from it.

Since there is both Qi and Blood deficiency, one should evaluate whether Blood deficiency predominates or if Qi deficiency predominates.

  • Ren Shen, Bai Zhu and Huang Qi tonify Spleen- and Heart-Qi
  • Dang Gui nourishes Heart-Blood
  • Fu Shen, Suan Zao Ren, Long Yan Rou and Yuan Zhi nourish the Heart and calm the Mind
  • Chuan Mu Xiang moves Qi to counteract the cloying nature of Blood tonics
  • Zhi Gan Cao harmonizes
  • Hei Zao nourishes Blood and harmonizes
  • I added Bai Zi Ren to nourish the Heart and Blood and calm the Mind
  • He Huan Pi and Shi Chang Pu were added to calm the Mind and open the Mind’s orifices
  • Bai He was added to soothe the Lungs

Mental-Emotional Pattern
This pattern is typically caused by depletion of Qi of the Spleen, Heart and Lungs and, after some time, this gives rise to Blood deficiency.

This product is a dietary (food) supplement, as prescribed by a qualified practitioner. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, prevent or cure any disease. Do not take if nursing or pregnant. Not intended to replace a varied diet. Not to be consumed for longer 3 months on a continued basis.