Composed of 12 remedies, The Little Treasures® is a pediatric line formulated by Giovanni Maciocia that addresses some of the most common children’s complaints seen in a Western clinic.

The remedies were formulated to keep into account children’s distinctive aetiology and pathology.

The children’s disorders addressed by The Little Treasures® are:

little_treasures_bottles● Upper respiratory infections
● Cough (two remedies)
● Asthma
● Abdominal Pain
● Eczema
● Poor sleep
● Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
● Bed wetting
● Chronic sinus and throat congestion
● Chronic ear infections
● General weakness and tendency to catching colds

The remedies are presented in the form of granules that are easy to dispense ensuring maximum compliance and easily absorbed. The remedies are completely free of any animal or mineral substance. Not only are there no toxic herbs but herbs with too strong an action have also been avoided. The remedies are also free from wheat, yeast or sugar of any kind.

Chinese medicine has provided an invaluable clinical treasure-house for the treatment of children that, while rooted in the past, it meets the clinical needs of modern children. Giovanni observed many times in practice how Chinese medicine can spare children years of suffering by addressing conditions such as asthma early in life.

For more detailed information on the line download The Little Treasures Manual.