The “Simple Questions” describes the changes taking place in our life every 7 years in women and every 8 in men. Women’s life cycles are dominated by the number 7 so that there are profound changes every 7 years; men’s cycles are dominated by the number 8 and there are profound changes every 8 years. It says in Chapter 1: “In a girl at 14 the Heavenly Gui [menstrual blood] arrives, the Ren Mai is open, the Chong Mai flourishes, her periods arrive and she can conceive.

At 21 the Kidneys energy is like that of an adult and her teeth complete their growth…In a boy at 16 Kidney-Qi is abundant, the Heavenly Gui arrives, the Essence lets its overabundance flow, Yin and Yang are harmonized and the boy can beget children. At 24 Kidney-Qi is equivalent to that of an adult, sinew and bones are strong and his teeth complete their growth.” In this article, I shall concentrate on the physiology, aetiology and pathology of the ages between 14 and 21 in girls and between 16 and 24 in boys.

As the above statement indicates, in the ages between 14 and 21 and between 16 and 24 in girls and boys respectively, the Kidney energy matures and then becomes abundant and indeed overflowing, which leads to ejaculation in men and to the first onset of the period in women. The teeth come to complete maturity with the appearance of the wisdom teeth and this indicates the flourishing of the Kidney energy and bones. During adolescence and young age, the physiology of girls and boys is at its peak and the Kidneys are at their strongest. For this reason, young people at this age are very strong, can withstand a high use of energy and can ‘get away’ with a lifestyle that would make older people ill… Read more>>