Su Wen Herbs® is pleased to be sponsoring the 53rd TCM Kongress 2022, taking place in Rothenburg.

The Kongress will take place online from 24th – 28th May with the focus being on the Correspondence of the Water Phase: Jing-Essence and Vital Energy – Anxiety Disorders, Bladder and Kidney Diseases.

The TCM Kongress, Rothenburg was launched more than 50 years ago, and today it brings around 1,200 participants from over 40 countries usually to Rothenburg ob der Tauber every year (and now also in front of their screens).

Around 130 renowned speakers come together to pave the way for national and international exchange and share the latest developments and exciting topics with their peers, aiming at promoting TCM expertise. Practitioners look forward every year to the joint congress taiji, community spirit and the incomparable Rothenburg flair.

Let yourself be inspired:

Please come and join Petra Tjeertes, LAc. and phytotherapist, who is a member of the Su Wen Herbs® Practitioner Support Team, who will be presenting a brief introduction on the Su Wen Herbs® formulas on Wednesday 25th May at 2pm. We look forward to seeing you then.

Prof. Florian Beißner and Velia Wortman have once again put together an exciting programme for this year’s TCM Research Day on Friday, 27th May. Internationally active researchers will present their projects and results on that day.

This year the goal of the Research Theme Day is to support those who want to conduct their own TCM research. Under the title “Everything you always wanted to know about TCM research but were afraid to ask“, speakers on this day will offer an additional interactive group discussion on themes such as scientific theory, integration of research in everyday practice, legal issues (ethics application, education & information, data protection), research on research results, involvement of sponsors and stakeholders.

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