Releasing the Exterior

The Su Wen Herbs®, Three Treasures® formulae can be classified into the following categories:

● Releasing the Exterior

● Clearing

● Nourishing and Clearing

● Nourishing

● Calming the Mind

The formulae for Releasing the Exterior are used only for acute invasions of Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat.


Expel Wind-Cold™expel_wind_cold

Supplement in a Nutshell: Expel Wind-Cold™ in acute invasions of Wind.

Pattern: Invasion of Wind-Cold, pathogenic factor on the Exterior.

Action: Release the Exterior, expel Wind-Cold.

Acupuncture Points: L.I.-4 Hegu, LU-7 Lieque with reducing method.

BL-12 Fengmen with cupping. Moxa cones may be used on BL-12 after cupping.


Expel Wind-Heat™expel_wind_heat

Supplement in a Nutshell: Expel Wind-Heat™ in acute invasions of Wind.

Pattern: Invasion of Wind-Heat at the Defensive-Qi level.

Action: Release the Exterior, expel Wind-Heat.

Tongue: Red on the sides or front part.

Pulse: Floating-rapid.


Ringing Metal™ringing_metal

Supplement in a Nutshell: Resolve Phlegm-Heat after an invasion of Wind.

Pattern: Phlegm-Heat in the Lungs.

Action: Resolve Phlegm, clear Heat, restore the descending of Lung-Qi, stop cough.

Tongue: Normal, red or red only in the front with a thick-sticky-yellow coating.

Pulse: Slippery, rapid.


Clear Metal™clear_metal

Supplement in a Nutshell: Clear Heat at the Qi or Ying/Blood level. It clears Lung-Heat and Stomach-Heat and resolves Phlegm.

Pattern: Invasion of Wind-Heat progressing rapidly into the Interior, with Lung and Stomach-Heat. Location of Heat at the Qi and Ying level.

Action: Release the Exterior, expel Wind-Heat, clear Lung-Heat at Qi Level, clear Ying, benefit fluids.

Tongue: Red with thick-sticky yellow coating (Qi Level) or red without coating (Ying/Blood level).

Pulse: Slippery-Rapid-Full-Overflowing (Qi Level); Floating-Empty or Fine and Rapid (Ying/Blood Level).