Clearing Formulae

It is important to understand whether a formula tonifies the body’s Qi, resolves pathogenic factors or does both. It is only by understanding this classification that we can make a rational choice of a formula.

Nourishing formulas are chosen in Empty conditions; clearing formulae are chosen in Full conditions with pathogenic factors; nourishing and clearing formulas are selected when there is a combination of a Full and an Empty condition.

The clinical application process for the Three Treasures® line is somewhat different from that for generic tonic formulas. It relies on practitioner’s making a fundamental differentiation between the need to tonify only, the need to clear only, or the need to tonify and clear simultaneously.

Although each formula is intended for quite specific clinical situations its use need not be limited to those situations. In fact, each formula can be used for a very wide variety of conditions provided that they match the patterns envisaged for it.

The formulas in the clearing category are used when the patient’s condition is characterized primarily by the presence of a pathogenic factor. Even though there may be some deficiency, we may sometimes concentrate our attention on clearing pathogenic factors before tonifying the body’s Qi, with formulas (as opposed to acupuncture) this is often especially desirable.


Separate Clear and Turbid™Separate Clear and Turbid

Formula in a Nutshell: Resolve Dampness from the urinary passages.

Pattern: Dampness in the Bladder, Qi deficiency, Lin disease from deficiency.

Action: Tonifies Qi, resolves Dampness, eliminates turbidity, opens the Water passages of the Lower Burner, tonifies the Kidneys.

Tongue: Pale.

Pulse: Weak, especially on the right-chi position, often very slightly Tight on left-chi position.


Welcome Fragrance™Welcome Fragrance

Formula in a Nutshell: “Fragrance” refers to the smelling function of the nose. The formula eliminates Dampness from the nose and sinuses.

Pattern: Chronic Damp-Heat and Toxic Heat blocking the nose and sinuses with an underlying deficiency of Qi.

Action: Expel Wind, clear Heat, resolve Toxic Heat, drain Dampness, open the nose orifices, tonify Qi.

Tongue: Sticky-yellow coating.

Pulse: Slippery.


Expel Toxic-Heat™Expel Toxic Heat

Formula in a Nutshell: Eliminates toxic-heat.

Pattern: Toxic Heat in all three Burners. Heat, Blood-Heat, Toxic Heat.

Action: Resolve Toxic Heat from the three Burners.

Tongue: Sticky-yellow coating on the root with red spots on the root.

Pulse: Weak on both rear positions.