We are delighted to announce that Su Wen Herbs® will be hosting a Free Webinar on Shen Disturbances with licensed acupuncturist and phytotherapist, Petra Tjeertes.

Shen Disturbances

Sunday, September 25th, 2022

9am PDT I 10am MDT I 11am CDT I 12pm EDT

In this webinar Petra will discuss the view of the psyche as seen in the five Shen theory and explain the different pattern differentiations and supplements for adults and children. The webinar will last for roughly 50 minutes with time to answer any questions afterwards.

If you would like to attend the webinar on Shen Disturbances please register here>>

Petra Tjeertes is a licensed acupuncturist and phytotherapist who specializes in skin problems, pain relief treatments, psychological problems and cosmetic acupuncture.

Petra is currently studying at Nanjing University for her PhD degree with specialisation in dermatology in TCM. Petra’s enthusiasm for phytotherapy means she is invited on a regular basis to lecture and assist in congresses. She is also the secretary of the Dong Xi Oost West foundation and has helped to create a virtual platform where knowledge is exchanged and shared with doctors and practitioners in the TCM field.