We are pleased to announce the relaunch of Su Wen Herbs®, previously known as The Three Treasures, founded by Giovanni Maciocia in 1994 and now carried on by his son, Sebastian Maciocia.

Su Wen Herbs® is the owner of the trademarks and herbal formulas created by Giovanni Maciocia: The Three Treasures, Women’s Treasure and Little Treasures. The formulas were based on Giovanni’s 39 years of clinical experience with Western patients and adapted to address more complex patterns he saw in practice.

For more information on the formulas please download our free 200+ page catalog.

The formulas are manufactured to the highest possible standards in both the USA and the EU and are distributed throughout North America and Europe via these suppliers.

We have a dedicated Practitioner Support Team to help answer any questions you may have on the formulas and host a vast amount of educational resources on our website, from articles, presentations, videos, blog posts and more, for free, for you to enjoy.