Practitioner Support

We are committed to helping you help your patients. Our practitioner support team are happy to help answer your questions on the formulas:


Jason Smith Zamaria

Jason Smith is a teacher, author and TCM practitioner based in Madrid, Spain. He runs a TCM school ( and collaborated several years with Giovanni. He translated into Spanish Giovanni’s textbook, The Foundations of Chinese Medicine.



Petra Tjeertes, LAc. and Phytotherapist

Specializes in skin problems, pain relief, and psychological problems. In addition to various courses, she learned the deeply rooted TCM knowledge from her father. Currently studying at Nanjing University for her PhD degree. Through her passion and motivation to understand the action potentials of the TCM she gained fast knowledge in the field.



Den Bloome Bremond DACM, RN, LAc

Dr. Den has a family practice in San Francisco, Californa, The Acupuncture Den, where she addresses people of all ages, with a pediatric specialty. Den firmly believes it is never too early nor too late to take steps towards greater health and well being.



Christina Brandt, L.Ac.

Tina Brandt is a Chinese medicine practitioner, acupuncturist and herbalist. She is also a Shiatsu massage therapist and Yoga instructor.



Aron Ebbing

Aron studied Chinese Medicine at the Academy of Chinese Medicine in Amsterdam and Amersfoort. During his study he worked for six years as an intern at the clinic ‘Yu Yi Tang’ in Eindhoven. He has had his own practice for five years in Amsterdam and uses the three treasure formulas regularly to address his clients.



Peter Kruithof

Peter has been studying and practicing Chinese Medicine since 2001. He studied Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture at Qing-Bai academy in the Netherlands and completed a fulltime TCM bachelor program in Chinese language at the ShanDong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. After seven years in China he returned to the Netherlands to run a private clinic in Rotterdam and is also a TCM specialist at the NatuurApotheek.