Nourishing Formulas

The Nourishing formulas are chosen in Empty conditions and tonify the vital substances of Qi, Yang, Blood or Yin and strengthen resistance. Tonics are applicable when a patient suffers from a predominantly Empty condition, manifesting with a deficiency of either Qi, Blood, Yin or Yang, or a combination of any of these. It is important always to bear in mind that we must examine whether a condition is Full or Empty mainly from taking the pulse and observing the tongue.


Nourish the Root™Nourish the Root

Formula in a Nutshell: Nourish Kidney-Yin.

Pattern: Kidney-Yin deficiency.

Action: Nourish Kidney-Yin and Essence, strengthen the Zhi.

Tongue: This could range from a nearly normal-colored body (tending to red) with rootless coating to a red body without any coating at all, depending on the degree of Yin deficiency and Empty-Heat. The less the coating, the deeper the Yin deficiency, and the redder the tongue body, the stronger the Empty-Heat.

Pulse: Floating-Empty, or weak on both rear positions and relatively overflowing on both front ones, or fine and rapid if there is pronounced Empty-Heat.


Prosperous Earth™Prosperous Earth

Formula in a Nutshell: Tonify Spleen-Qi, resolve Dampness.

Pattern: Spleen-Qi deficiency and Lung-Qi deficiency.

Action: Tonifies Spleen-Qi and Lung-Qi, resolve Dampness.

Tongue: Pale.

Pulse: Weak.


Strengthen the Root™Strengthen the Root

Formula in a Nutshell: Tonify Kidney-Yang.

Pattern: Kidney-Yang deficiency, Fire of Ming Men declining, slight Blood deficiency. “Fire of the Gate of Life not nourishing Earth”, “Cold in Lower Burner”.

Action: Tonify and warm Kidney-Yang, stoke up the Fire of Ming Men, fill the Jing, nourish Blood.

Tongue: Pale, wet.

Pulse: Deep and weak, especially in the rear positions. It could also be slow.