A Best Practice Guide to Students and Practitioners

SWH Standardized eBookThis FREE booklet is an educational guide for both students and practitioners on herbs and standardized herbal formulas. The booklet strives to demystify terms such as ‘concentration ratio’ and others and lays a foundation of what constitutes best practice in terms of safety and quality controls. The booklet covers:

  • an introduction to the pharmacokinetics of drugs and how drugs and herbal compounds, are absorbed, metabolized and excreted;
  • the differences between herbal formulas and drugs, the issue of safety of Chinese herbs, and interactions between Chinese herbs and Western drugs;
  • the issue of safety is considered in relation to the principles, philosophy, diagnosis, guidelines, rules and methods of Chinese herbal therapy;
  • guidelines for the safe use of standardized herbal formulas;
  • good manufacturing practices, quality assurance and regulation, and how they all play a part in the delivery of safe and effective standardized herbal formulas;
  • processing methods and how standardized herbal formulas are regulated;
  • a checklist to assist in conducting due diligence.