The public health measures of social distancing and lockdown pose a number of significant challenges to the professional lives of TCM practitioners including clinic closures and significant loss of earnings with ongoing overheads like rent, staffing costs and suspended dispensing.

To help TCM practitioners continue to offer services to their patients on the telephone or via video conferencing, Su Wen Herbs® is pleased to partner with TCM practitioner and marketing coach, Kath Berry to provide a step-by-step guide to delivering TeleHealth services to your patients. This webinar will help prepare you with the practical skills to get started or expand your TeleHealth services to better support patients at home and to future-proof your business.

For those of you who were unable to attend our Live Webinar and Community Gathering: Clinical Advice – Optimizing Herbs and TeleHealth, the replay is now available to view here.

Kath Berry was joined by Jason Smith Zamaria (Spain), Den Bloome Bremond (USA), and Aron Ebbing (Netherlands) from the Su Wen Herbs® Practitioner Support Team. Together they shared their insights and observations about Optimizing Herbs and TeleHealth and discussed their experiences and the challenges they have faced during the social distancing and lockdown measures. Jason Smith Zamaria reminisced on his time with Giovanni and spoke about how Giovanni was a pioneer in TeleHealth before the technical platforms of today even existed.

The Community Gathering provided a great opportunity for Kath and the Practitioner Support Team to answer questions on TeleHealth services, to further extend your offering and to support patients, not only during the current climate but to help future-proof your business.

The Practitioner Support Team also answered specific questions on the Su Wen Herbs® range – The Three Treasures®, Women’s Treasure® and Little Treasures® herbal formulas and Anastacia White kindly joined us in the Community Gathering to share her experiences and advise on the relevant formulas and dosage of The Three Treasures® for the prevention and different stages of viral invasions, which you can find here.

You can also learn about our online ordering process and how to take advantage of our drop-shipping service to further support your TeleHealth offering.

We hope this webinar will help inspire you and give you the confidence to apply the knowledge and technical skills, to complement your practice during these challenging times.