For those who missed the live training event about Chinese Medicine for Mental Health with Anastacïa White, it is not too late to sign up and watch the webinar.

The webinar is still available for viewing and we have extended the 50% discount to all Su Wen Herbs customers using coupon code: SWH50

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All around the world we are moving into a post-crisis recovery phase and this is where traditional Chinese herbal medicine, acupuncture and natural therapies have a strong role to play. Because mental health is a challenging area, the USA’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a Coping with Stress policy statement highlighting how challenging an outbreak can be, possible emotional reactions to coming out of quarantine and longer-term mental health consequences. As practitioners, you are ideally placed to offer support and ongoing care.

Anastacïa White will take you through:

  • Treatment options from the Su Wen Herbs – Three Treasures® herbal formulas
  • Australian Flower Essences & Essential Oils
  • Acupuncture Points
  • TCM Dietary Advice

The material presented will open new perspectives for practitioners in settling the Five Shen and all attendees will receive a Certificate of Completion for 2 CEUs / PDA.

About Anastacïa White

Guest presenter Anastacïa White celebrates 40 years of immersion into the Chinese Medical Sciences. Based on her extensive knowledge and success, she was recruited by Giovanni Maciocia in the 1990’s to help develop his herbal remedies and helped to introduce Giovanni’s formulas and extensive written material to the US acupuncturists – which promptly spread all over the world. Anastacïa shares her passion for Chinese Herbs and plant medicines to support mental health and ease suffering. We’re privileged to benefit from her teachings in this live webinar.

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Three Treasures® Formulas for Mental Health

Calm the Shen™

Calm the Mind and nourish the Heart when the patient is sad, depressed, anxious. Calm the Shen

Pattern: Spleen-Qi and Spleen-Blood deficiency, Heart-Qi and Heart-Blood deficiency.

Action: Tonify Spleen-Qi and Spleen-Blood, tonify Heart-Qi and Heart-Blood, calm the Mind, open the Mind’s orifices, stimulate the Spleen’s holding of Blood.

Open the Heart™

Heart- and Lung-Qi stagnation in the chest, anxiety, worry, sadness, grief. Open the Heart

Pattern: Stagnation of Lung-Qi and Heart-Qi in the chest from emotional problems, such as sadness, worry or grief; it may also be caused by repressed anger.

Action: Moves Qi in the chest, stimulates the descending of Lung-Qi and Heart-Qi, calms the Mind, settles the Corporeal Soul.

Soothe the Shen™

Tonify Qi and nourish Yin of Heart, Lungs, Spleen and Liver for depression and anxiety. Soothe the Shen

Worry, sadness, grief.

Pattern: Qi, Blood and/or Yin deficiency, Qi stagnation.

Action: Tonify Qi, nourish Blood and Yin, move Qi, open the Mind’s orifices.

Root the Spirit™

Nourish Liver-Blood and Liver-Yin to anchor the Ethereal Soul. Root the Spirit

Pattern: Liver-Blood deficiency, unsettled Hun.

Action: Nourish Liver-Blood and Liver-Yin, settle the Hun, calm the Mind and promote sleep.