The Three Treasures® Formulae Chemo-Support™ has gained recognition as an effective formula to lessen the side-effects and toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents and, for this reason, its application is presented here with a more detailed explanation of its protocol and dosage.

The purpose of targeting cancer cells with chemotherapy is to prevent them from dividing, invading and metastasizing. Most chemotherapeutic agents exert their effect on cell multiplication: obviously, since multiplication is a characteristic of many normal cells, chemotherapeutic agents will inevitably affect also normal cells and especially those with a rapid rate of multiplication and turnover such as those of the hair, intestinal mucosa, blood and bone marrow. This explains the common toxic effect of chemotherapy on the hair (hair loss), the intestines (vomiting and diarrhoea), the blood (affecting blood counts) and bone marrow (affecting the immune system).

Inhibition of cell multiplication can take place at several levels within the cell:

  • Macromolecular synthesis and function
  • Cytoplasmic organization
  • Cell membrane synthesis function
  • Environment of cancer cell growth

Most agents have their primary effect on either macromolecular synthesis or function. They interfere with the synthesis of DNA, RNA or proteins or with the appropriate functioning of the molecule. When interference with macromolecular synthesis or function of the neoplastic cells is sufficiently great, a proportion of the cells die. Because only a proportion of the cells die as a result of a given treatment, repeated doses of chemotherapy must be used to continue to reduce their number.

Neoplastic cell death may not take place at the time of exposure to the chemotherapeutic agent. Often the cell must undergo several divisions before the lethal event that took place earlier results in death of the cell. This means that the effect of chemotherapy may last for several weeks after the end of the treatment: likewise with its toxic effects on normal cells. This has important implications for our protocols with Chemo-Support™ as it means that we need to continue tonifying Qi and Blood for some time after the end of the treatment…Read full article.

Chemo-Support™ Formula

Chemo Support

The name of this formula is self-evident: it supports patients who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Pattern: Stomach and Spleen-Qi deficiency, Stomach and Lung-Yin deficiency, Kidney deficiency, Blood Heat, Dampness.

Action: Tonify Qi, nourish Yin, cool Blood, resolve Dampness.