Addressing Digestive Patterns with Chinese Formulas

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Feeling of Distension, Oppression, Fullness & Stuffiness A feeling of distension (zhang 胀) indicates stagnation of Qi. This type of sensation will be seldom referred to as ‘distension’ by Western patients: more often than not patients will call it a feeling of ‘bloating’, ‘bursting’, ‘being blown-up’, etc. A feeling of … Read More

Chemo-Support to Minimize the Side-Effects of Chemotherapy


The Three Treasures® Formulae Chemo-Support™ has gained recognition as an effective formula to lessen the side-effects and toxicity of chemotherapeutic agents and, for this reason, its application is presented here with a more detailed explanation of its protocol and dosage. The purpose of targeting cancer cells with chemotherapy is to … Read More

Su Wen Press, The Official Giovanni Maciocia, UK Online Bookstore

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We are pleased to announce that we have recently launched, the official Giovanni Maciocia, UK Online Bookstore. Giovanni has written several important textbooks on Chinese medicine which have been critically acclaimed worldwide and are recommended texts in many TCM schools and colleges. Practitioners and students can now purchase Giovanni … Read More

Women’s Treasure for Common Gynaecological Complaints

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Women’s Treasure®, a formulation of traditional and modern herbs by Giovanni Maciocia are a range of formulas for common gynaecological complaints that are formulated to reflect Western clinical reality. They are balanced to take into account complex combinations of patterns that patients with chronic conditions usually suffer from and, in … Read More

The Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle

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Menstrual blood is not like “ordinary” Blood in Chinese medicine. In other words, the “Blood” that nourish the eyes and the sinews is not the same as menstrual blood. Menstrual blood is a direct manifestation of the Kidney-Essence equivalent to sperm in men. Menstrual Blood is called Tian Gui which … Read More