Su Wen Herbs® Formulae for Clearing

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Clearing Formulae It is important to understand whether a formula tonifies the body’s Qi, resolves pathogenic factors or does both. It is only by understanding this classification that we can make a rational choice of a formula. Nourishing formulas are chosen in Empty conditions; clearing formulae are chosen in Full … Read More

‘Fall and Winter Herbal Therapy’ Free Live Webinar

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Thank you to everyone who attended our live webinar “Fall and Winter Herbal Therapy” with Anastacia White. It was great to see such a good turnout and receive such wonderful feedback, so thank you. For those who were unable to attend, the replay is now available to view here. Anastacia … Read More

Nourish the Root® to Nourish Kidney-Yin

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The Three Treasures Formula, Nourish the Root® is a variation of the ‘Restoring the Left [Kidney] Pill” (Zuo Gui Wan) prescription to nourish Kidney-Yin. This was chosen as the main formula to nourish Kidney-Yin as, on the basis of clinical experience, it is better suited to Western patients than the … Read More