Gynaecology Seminar by Giovanni Maciocia


We are delighted to share with you this comprehensive Gynaecology seminar by Giovanni Maciocia in which Giovanni covers the following topics in detail: The Four Phases of the Menstrual Cycle Endometriosis Menopause Heavy periods (Beng Lou)   Women’s Treasure®  for Gynaecological Patterns   Clear Empty Heat and Cool the Menses™ Pattern: Blood … Read More

The Little Treasures List of Correspondences

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The Little Treasures® is a paediatric line formulated by Giovanni Maciocia®. The supplements are based on ancient Chinese formulations but adapted by Giovanni’s 39-years of clinical experience. Below you can find a list of correspondences for The Little Treasures. The Little Treasures List of Correspondences Composed of 12 formulae, the line … Read More

Nourishing Formulae

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Nourishing Formulas The Nourishing formulas are chosen in Empty conditions and tonify the vital substances of Qi, Yang, Blood or Yin and strengthen resistance. Tonics are applicable when a patient suffers from a predominantly Empty condition, manifesting with a deficiency of either Qi, Blood, Yin or Yang, or a combination … Read More

Nourishing and Clearing Formulae

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Nourishing and Clearing Formulae The formulae in the nourishing and clearing category are designed to address some of the most common conditions encountered in clinical practice. The overwhelming majority of cases present a complex condition in which the body’s Qi is deficient and a pathogenic factor obstructs the normal functioning … Read More

Su Wen Herbs Formulae for Clearing

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Clearing Formulae It is important to understand whether a formula tonifies the body’s Qi, resolves pathogenic factors or does both. It is only by understanding this classification that we can make a rational choice of a formula. Nourishing formulas are chosen in Empty conditions; clearing formulae are chosen in Full … Read More

Su Wen Herbs Formulae for Releasing the Exterior

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Releasing the Exterior The Su Wen Herbs, Three Treasures® formulae can be classified into the following categories: ● Releasing the Exterior ● Clearing ● Nourishing and Clearing ● Nourishing ● Calming the Mind The formulae for Releasing the Exterior are used only for acute invasions of Wind-Cold or Wind-Heat.   … Read More